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Role: Senior Brand and Creative Consultant | Copywriter

“Ida provided tremendous creative support to Oracle’s demand generation initiatives. She is impressively skillful in concepting and branding. Ideas seem to come effortlessly. She understands brands and more importantly the positioning of brands and their relevance to the target market.”

–Becky Moore, Video Strategy Lead at NetApp
(Managed Ida at Oracle)

“Ida is fabulous at concepting–synthesizing messy piles of complex information into a tight, compelling tagline, for example, and working with marketing teams and design to develop the concept to successful completion.”

–Leslie Steere, Editor at Large,
Content Central, Oracle

“Oracle is a tough gig. The demands are unrelenting, the stakeholders uncompromising, the pace unforgiving. And in spite of all that, Ida managed to consistently deliver great, meaningful creative solutions. Better still, all in good humor and high spirits.”

–Richard Levitt, ACD at Razorfish
(Worked directly with Ida at Oracl

“Ida is everything a copywriter should be: creative and highly skilled at her craft. She’s also one of  the most positive and supportive people I’ve worked with in advertising and marketing.”

–Tom Caldecott, Marketing Writer and Creative Strategist
(Worked directly with Ida at Oracl

IGBC Orange Red Rectangle FINAL HOT logo copy copy Role: Content and Creative Director | Brand Strategist | Copywriter

“Ida is a true asset. She was able to take our mountain of highly technical legal jargon and turn it into a readable and most importantly marketable message for our website. We will definitely be using her services in the future.”

–Jim Tappan, IT Director
Wagner Kirkman Blaine Klomparens & Yuma’s LLP (Client)

“I highly recommend Ida for any web development and copywriting projects. She is organized, an excellent communication and quick to respond.”

–Ronda Tappan, President
Tappan Solutions,  (Client)

“I worked with Ida on a number of client writing and creative projects including case studies, advertising campaigns, website content and more. She always had a great attitude, wanting to do what was right for the client. She worked exceedingly hard, doing whatever it took, whenever it took to get the job done. Ida was very creative in coming up with fresh ideas. I would definitely work with Ida again.”

–Chris Taylor, Director, Channel Marketing
Yuneec USA, Inc.
(Client at a previous company)

Y&R logo Role: Associate Creative Director | Copywriter

“Ida nails copy–a blurb, a script, a tome–fast. She is one of the best copywriters I’ve worked with in my 20+ year career.”

–Stephen Alfano, Executive Consultant
(Managed Ida at Young & Rubicam )

Ogilvy logo Role: Freelance Consultant | Senior Copywriter

“It’s not easy to come into a new office and get up to speed on a project, but that’s exactly what Ida did. She quickly became a very valuable member of the Wells Fargo team, writing everything from brand positioning and copy platforms to creative integrated online campaigns. The client was consistently pleased with her work and valued her contributions.”

–Judy Sabatella, Account Director, Partner
(worked directly with Ida)

“Ida is friendly, creative, and confident. She always delivers and is trustworthy. She has an amazing work ethic and is fun to work with.”

–Jess Kaihoi, ACD Freelance
J. Walter Thompson Worldwide
(worked directly with Ida at OgilvyOne)

“I had the distinct pleasure of working with Ida at Ogilvy One on the Wells Fargo account. Ida was a core member of the group who committed herself to understanding the business and became a trusted partner of the clients in writing a wide variety of interactive communications. Internally, Ida was always a pleasure to work with. She is a true team player; always willing to pick up extra work to help her colleagues or our clients out. Additionally, Ida is just a very kind and nice person. She brings levity and humor to a group and makes the day to day work a little easier to bear…”

–Molly Johnson, Senior Producer
previously at OgilvyOne
(worked directly with Ida)

Deutsch logo Role: Senior Copywriter

“Ida is the consummate professional. Not to mention her craft exceeds in all areas. She always delivered and had a rare qualification among today’s creative talent. She has a good work ethic.”

–Vine Picardi, Creative Director
(managed Ida at Deutsch LA)

“Ida Gamban is a talented writer, a strong conceptualizer and is fun to be around. She brings a lot of experience with her, yet always has a fresh approach.”

–Joe Bergman, Art Director
(worked directly with Ida at Deutsch LA)

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 1.37.18 PM Role: WW Marketing Manager, Nurturing Demand Gen and Content Strategist

“Working with Ida was a pleasure. She always looks to bring fresh ideas and new approaches to the workplace. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Ida again in the future and wholeheartedly offer my recommendation.”

–Andrew Grimes, Global Marketing Manager,
Lexmark (Worked directly with Ida)