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Crowdcast Website

Silicon Valley startups are my specialty. I’m passionate about building brands from the ground up and these B2B high technology companies offer plenty of opportunity to do so.

For Crowdcast, a social business intelligence company, I worked with the founders, core launch team and production team to deliver a fully branded website, demo video and collateral for a tight launch date that was set in stone.

Startup company: Crowdcast

Crowdcast launch team: Mat Fogarty, Bobbi Frioli, Sam Lawrence, Matt Shore, Leslie Fine, Anastasia Babanskaia, April Donato, Kurtis Glade, Kathleen Hayes/Luminosity Group (videos)

Engagement role: Brand voice and positioning, content strategy, interviewing stakeholders, copywriting, editing, concept development

Results: Crowdcast successfully raised over $6 million in funding and was acquired just two years later by Spigit, a maker of collaborative innovation management software for enterprises.

Note: Since this is a super cool and geeky category—business intelligence—I’ve included the fantastic promo video that the Luminosity Group created, because it nicely sets up and provides context for the rest of the work. My role then was to help write the copy and edit the demo video, plus write the entire website and data sheet.

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